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In English

What is the EpiHealth network?

This network consists of researchers and other staff associated with epidemiological research at Lund and Uppsala universities. Participation in the network is voluntary and this requires an active application. Since epidemiological research is very broad and also includes people who work with biostatistics, PhD students, research students, etc., we welcome members from a wide range of scientific disciplines. The network started in 2010 when SRA EpiHealth started, and it has changed dynamically over the years, and includes PhD students, postdocs and senior researchers. The ambition is to let the network stimulate exchanges between researchers and to promote interdisciplinary research and new project ideas.

What does it mean to be part of the Epihealth network?

As a member of the Epihealth network, YOU receive continuous information about upcoming activities and courses in the epidemiological field. The network includes researchers affiliated with Lund and Uppsala universities.

There are no expenses associated with the membership.

As a member of the network, you get:

  • Membership information about courses and seminars
  • Direct access to courses that are provided by EpiHealth
  • Access to networks and expertise
  • Access to recruitment networks
  • Contact persons/tutors for support with applications
  • A channel to make your research even more visible

How do I become a member of the EpiHealth network?

To apply for membership in SRA EpiHealth, you need to send an email to maria [dot] lofstedt [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (Maria Löfstedt.) When you are registered on the membership list and in LUCRIS (applies to Lund University), you will receive a notification about your membership.

The EpiHealth Elderly cohort

SRA EpiHealth is the host of the population based cohort EpiHealth Elderly (n=25 104) of middle aged and elder subjects aiming to identify predictors of healthy aging. The data includes questionnaire, anthropometrics, cognitive test, biobank and register data. Description of the cohort (opens in a new Window).

To date, about 35 articles have been published based on data in the cohort, which are described in more detail in a first publication [1].

Lind L, Elmståhl S, Bergman E, Englund M, Lindberg E, Michaelsson K, Nilsson PM, Sundström J. EpiHealth: a large population-based cohort study for investigation of gene-lifestyle interactions in the pathogenesis of common diseases. Eur J Epidemiol. 2013 Feb;28(2):189-97.





Contact Information

Professor Sölve Elmståhl

Phone +46 40 39 13 20

Lund University
CRC, Hous 28, floor 13
Jan Waldenströms g. 35
205 02 Malmö