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Sölve Elmståhl smiles and is standing next to a conference table. Photo


Sölve Elmståhl 
Professor of Geriatrics, LU, and responsible for the EpiHealth screening Cohort
Telephone +46 40 39 13 20
Solve [dot] Elmstahl [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se 

Sölve Elmståhl

Sölve Elmståhl is a Professor of Geriatric Medicine and leader of the research group at the Division of Geriatric Medicine. Main focus is research on epidemiological perspectives on ageing and functioning, especially vascular risk factors and cognition and osteoporosis. He is the PI of the ongoing longitudinal cohort study Good Ageing in Skåne (GÅS) which is part of the Swedish National study on Ageing and Care (SNAC) and the cohort study "Men born 1914", and since 2009 he is coordinating the EpiHealth cohort study in Skåne. Sölves profil i Lunds unviversitets forskningsportal

Christel Nielsen

Vice Coordinator

Christel Nielsen
Associate professor of Epidemiology, LU
Telephone +46 46 222 1798
christel [dot] nielsen [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Christel Nielsen

Christel Nielsen is an associate professor in epidemiology at the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Lund University. She is also an adjunct associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark. Christel’s focus is on how different factors in the environment affect public health. Primary research interests are long-term health effects of new lifestyle factors such as tattoos and other body modifications, and health insults in pregnant women and children after high exposure to PFAS, a group of persistent environmental contaminants. Her research leverages both register data and data collected in the field. Christel is PI of the Swedish Tattoo Cohort and the Ronneby Mother-Child Cohort. Christel´s profile in the Lund University Research Portal.


Kajsa Brolin smiles and a corn field and trees are in the background. Photo

Student Representative

Kajsa Brolin
Ph.D. student
Telephone +46 46 222 06 35
kajsa [dot] brolin [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (kajsa[dot]brolin[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)

Kajsa Brolin

Kajsa Brolin is a PhD student in the research group Translational Neurogenetics led by Maria Swanberg. Kajsa has a Bachelor of Medical Science in Biomedicine and a Master of Science in Molecular Biology from Lund University and is a licensed pharmacist after completing a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Linnaeus University. Her PhD project is focused on epidemiology and genetics in Parkinson’s disease etiology, primarily in the Multipark biobank sample collection (MPBC). The PhD project enables her to utilize her acquired knowledge within the various fields of medical science and develop her skills as an independent researcher within the field of genetics and epidemiology. Kajsas profil i Lunds universitets forskningsportal

Jonas Björk. Photo

Executive Board Member

Jonas Björk
Professor at the Department of Laboratory Medicine and the Center for Economic Demography, LU
Tel +46 46 222 69 16
jonas [dot] bjork [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (jonas[dot]bjork[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se) 

Jonas Björk

Jonas Björk is a newly appointed professor of epidemiology with a focus on epidemiological methodology at the Department of Laboratory Medicine in Lund. Jonas' research spans such diverse fields as methods for estimating renal function, risk modeling in clinical epidemiology, the importance of the local environment for health and well-being and more theoretical issues in epidemiological methodology. Jonas is currently assistant coordinator for the research network SIMSAM EarlyLife ( at Lund University, member of the board of the Swedish Epidemiological Association and coordinates the activities within medical statistics and epidemiology at the R&D center Skåne (www.skane. se / mse). Jonas' profile in the Lund University Research Portal

Martin Englund smiles and sits by the sea. Photo

Executive Board Member

Martin Englund, MD, PhD
Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Orthopedics, Department of Clinical Sicences, Lund University
Tel: +46 46 17 13 94
martin [dot] englund [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (martin[dot]englund[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)

Martin Englund

Martin Englund is an epidemiologist and clinical investigator. He completed his MD in 1998, and received his PhD in Orthopedics in 2004. He did a two-year postdoctoral training at Boston University, United States, where he also earned his MSc degree in Epidemiology. Dr. Englund heads the Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Orthopedics, which is a cross-disciplinary research group at Lund University. Englund focuses on osteoarthritis research, including preclinical experiments as well as clinical studies and epidemiological research using population-based register data. His main research focus is the role of meniscus in early knee osteoarthritis development as well as the societal burden of musculoskeletal disease. Martins profil i Lunds universitets forskningsportal

Karin Källén. Photo

Executive Board Member

Karin Källén
Professor of Reproductive Epidemiology, LU
Tel: +46 (0)46 17 72 94
Karin [dot] Kallen [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (Karin[dot]Kallen[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)

Karin Källén

Karin Källén is an associate professor of reproduction epidemiology at the University of Lund, and is also a part-time employee at the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen), department of statistics, monitoring and evaluation. The main research areas are maternal drugs during pregnancy and risk for congenital birth defects, risk factors and other aspects of extreme prematurity, and obstetrical interventions in relation to pregnancy outcomes – both perinatal- and long term outcomes. Karin Källén is the data manager of one regional register for quality assessment (Perinatal Reviation South), the data manger of the quality register regarding all in vitro fertilizations in Sweden (Q-IVF), member of the steering committees of two national quality registries for perinatal care (PNQn and PNQo, respectively), and is the main epidemiologist and member of the steering group of the EXPRESS-study group (a national study on extreme prematurity involving merely all Swedish obstetriscians and neonatologists). Furthermore, Karin Källén is responsible for the national surveillance of congenital malformations performed by the National Board of Health and Welfare, and is the Swedish contact person for two international associations for epidemiological research on congenital birth defects (EUROCAT and Clearinghouse for congenital malformations, respectively). Karins profil i Lunds universitets forskningsportal

Charlotte Ling. Photo

Executive Board Member

Charlotte Ling
Professor of Endocrinology, Research Group Leader Diabetes - Epigenetics at Department of Clinical Sciences, LU
charlotte [dot] ling [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (charlotte[dot]ling[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)

Charlotte Ling

Charlotte Ling is a Professor at Lund University and a principle investigator of the Epigenetics and Diabetes Unit at Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC), Sweden. She obtained her PhD in Endocrinology at University of Gothenburg, Sweden in 2002. After a postdoc at Lund University, where she studied genetics of type 2 diabetes, she dedicated her research to the study of epigenetic mechanisms causing type 2 diabetes and metabolic disease. Her research group has pioneered the field of epigenetics in type 2 diabetes. They have made several groundbreaking discoveries such as genome-wide epigenetic modifications in pancreatic islets, skeletal muscle, adipose tissue and the liver from patients with type 2 diabetes compared with non-diabetic control subjects. Dr. Ling’s research group has also shown that genetic and non-genetic factors such as SNPs, exercise, diet, obesity and age alter the genome-wide epigenetic pattern in human primary tissues for type 2 diabetes.Dr. Ling is frequently invited to write review papers and book chapters and to give lectures (e.g. ADA, IDF, Keystone and Endocrine Society) on the topic ‘Epigenetics in Type 2 Diabetes’. Dr. Ling has been awarded research grants from numerous national and international foundations including the Swedish Research Council, Novo Nordisk Excellence award, EFSD-Lilly, Söderberg’s foundation and the European Commission (H2020 and ERC). She has published 111 original publications, 18 invited review papers and 8 book chapters since 1999 including papers in Cell Metabolism, Nature Communications, Science Translational Medicine, JCI, PNAS and Diabetes Care. Dr Ling has a H-index of 48 and ~9300 citation. Charlotte´s profile in the Lund universitett Research Portal

Åsa Westrin. Photo

Executive Board Member

Åsa Westrin
Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Clinical Sciences, LU
asa [dot] westrin [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (asa[dot]westrin[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)

Åsa Westrin

Åsa Westrin is Professor of Psychiatry at the Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund at Lund University. Her research area is within suicide research and includes psychobiological vulnerability and treatment of suicide attempters as well as the health care given to individuals who have died by suicide. She is PI of three major research projects: Genes, Depression, and Suicidality (GEN-DS), Attempted Suicide Short Intervention (ASSIP) in Sweden and Retrospective review of medical records for individuals who died by Suicide in Sweden in 2015. Åsa´s profile in the Lund University Research Portal

Martin L. Olsson smiles and stands up against a wall that reflects his image. Photo

Faculty Management Representative

Martin L Olsson
Professor, Chief Physician, Deputy Dean for Research Infrastructure
Tel: +46 (0)46 222 32 07
Martin_L [dot] Olsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (Martin_L[dot]Olsson[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)


Martin L. Olsson

Martin L. Olsson is Deputy Dean with a responsibility for the Faculty of Medicine's research infrastructure. He is also a professor and chief physician in transfusion medicine at the Department of Laboratory Medicine and researches our most common cell, the red blood cell and its surface structures in transfusion, infection, blood formation and blood clot formation. For his research, he was named a Wallenberg Clinical Scholar 2016-2026 and given 30 MSEK for his translational research about blood groups. He recently stepped down after serving as the President of the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) during the period 2018-2020. Martin's profile in the Lund University Research Portal.


Lars Lind sits next to a computer screen and smiles. Photo

Executive Board Member

Lars Lind 
Professor at the Department of Medical Sciences, UU
Telephone +46 (0)730 50 28 78
lars [dot] lind [at] medsci [dot] uu [dot] se (lars[dot]lind[at]medsci[dot]uu[dot]se) 

Lars Lind

Lars Lind, Professor of Medicine at Uppsala University. Research area is cardiovascular epidemiology. Currently working with the ULSAM, PIVUS ( and POEM cohorts. Initiator of the EpiHealth cohort study ( Tutor for 24 PhD students and has published >350 research papers.

Karl Michaelsson sits at a table and smiles. Photo

Executive Board Member

Karl Michaelsson 
Professor at the Department of Surgical Services at Uppsala University
Tel +46 18-611 95 45
karl [dot] michaelsson [at] surgsci [dot] uu [dot] se (karl[dot]michaelsson[at]surgsci[dot]uu[dot]se) 

Karl Michaelsson

Karl Michaelsson professor in Medical Epidemiology and Senior Consultant in Orthopaedics at Department of Surgical Sciences at Uppsala University. Presently, I have a senior research position funded from the Swedish Research Council (VR) with workplace at Uppsala Clinical Research Center ( My main research interest is osteoporotic fractures but I also investigate other musculoskeletal disorders and mortality as outcomes. I have performed studies on diet, vitamins, physical activity and genes with case-control and cohort analysis, including time-dependent exposures and different twin designs. Involved in building Lifegene (headed the musculo-skeletal research group and member of Lifegene’s Executive committee), responsible for an epidemiology network in Uppsala ( ) and a national osteoporosis network ( ).

Johan Sundström holds a heart in plastic and smiles. Photo

Executive Board Member

Johan Sundström
Associate Professor at the Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University Hospital
Mobil +46 (0)70-422 52 20
Telephone +46 (0)18-611 98 89
johan [dot] sundstrom [at] medsci [dot] uu [dot] se

Johan Sundström

Johan Sundström is a Professor of cardiovascular epidemiology, focusing on researching hypertension-related disease in longitudinal study designs. After completion of his PhD thesis in 2001, he was a research fellow at the Framingham Heart Study in 2002-2003. He currently leads a research group with a handful of PhD and MD students, and is a course leader for methodological courses compulsory for all PhD students of Uppsala University Medical Faculty, as well as co-course leader for an epidemiology course for PhD students. In addition to his engagement in EpiHealth, he is the coordinator of the cardiovascular research group in BBMRI.SE and national coordinator for a large clinical trial in hypertension, APOLLO. In addition to his research activities, he works half-time as a physician. Initiator of the Epihealth project Metahealth, a research infrastructure for individual participant data meta-analysis of cohort studies, aimed at studying risk factors for uncommon diseases.

Jenny Theorell-Haglöw. Photo

Executive Board Member

Jenny Theorell-Haglöw
Associate Professor in respiratory sleep medicine 
Jenny [dot] Theorell-Haglow [at] medsci [dot] uu [dot] se (Jenny[dot]Theorell-Haglow[at]medsci[dot]uu[dot]se)

Jenny Theorell-Haglöw

Jenny Theorell-Haglöw is an Associate Professor in respiratory sleep medicine at the Respiratory, Allergy and Sleep research group at the Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden. Her research is mainly focused on epidemiological sleep and sleep apnea research with a special interest in the relation to different aspects of metabolism. After completion of her thesis in 2009, she was a research fellow at Uppsala University and later at the world-leading research center Woolcock Institute of Medical Research (WIMR) in Sydney, Australia. Her current research is within a cohort study collaboration studying risk of cancer in obstructive sleep apnea. She is also working within the population-based studies SHE (Sleep and health in women), MUSTACHE (Men in Uppsala; a STudy of Sleep, Apnea and Cardiometabolic Health), as well as SCAPIS (Swedish CArdioPulmonary bioImage Study), and the register research collaboration DISCOVERY (Course of DISease In patients reported to the Swedish CPAP Oxygen and VEntilator RegistrY). In addition to her research she works half-time as senior nurse at the Sleep Apnea Clinic at the Uppsala University Hospital with OSA diagnostics and sleep apnea treatment. She is also a steering committee member within Svenska sömnapnéregistret (SESAR) and a board member of the Swedish sleep research society.