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Your participation

Your participation in EpiHealth takes place through a random selection from the population register. Information about EpiHealth can be found here on the website and here you can also download our information brochure. By carefully reading the information about us, you can decide whether you want to participate. Participation in EpiHealth is completely voluntary and can be terminated at any time without further explanation. When you visit our test center, you give written consent to participate in the study. You can download the written consent here. You can also withdraw parts of your consent. The consent withdrawal form can be downloaded here. You do not have to state a reason why you wish to withdraw parts of your consent to participate in EpiHealth and this will not affect your further care in EpiHealth.


You need to fill out a questionnaire regarding your lifestyle and health. The survey in its entirety takes about 45 minutes to answer. It is optional if you want to answer all questions at once or answer them in several rounds. It is very important that you fill in the questionnaire because the information from it is used to link the results of your visit from the test center and will lead the research forward in a number of different areas.

Visit your test center

At the EpiHealth test center, we measure your heart rate, blood pressure, height, abdominal circumference, weight, percentage of body fat and lung function, and perform a number and letter test. In addition to the physical measurements, we will also take blood samples. Some of these you will get answers to, while others we will keep in a biobank for future analyzes of various substances and DNA. If you want to forgo any of the tests or blood sampling, it is good to be part of EpiHealth anyway. The visit takes about 45 minutes.


If desired, within a few weeks of your visit to the test center, you will receive your values ​​regarding blood pressure, heart rate, lung function, abdominal circumference, weight (and percentage of fat), blood sugar and blood fats together with recommendations on what to do if you do not have good values. So for you, this means a type of health check where you also contribute to the research. Please note that a fully completed questionnaire is a prerequisite for you to receive the results from your test center visit!


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Contact Information

Professor Sölve Elmståhl

Lund University
Telephone +46 (0)40 39 13 20
solve [dot] elmstahl [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se 

Professor Lars Lind
Uppsala University
Telephone +46 (0)730 50 28 78
lars [dot] lind [at] medsci [dot] uu [dot] se