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We welcome Professor Charlotte Ling as a new board member of EpiHealth

Charlotte Ling. Photo

Charlotte is a professor at the Department of Clinical Sciences at Lund University and research group leader for the unit Epigenetics and Diabetes at Lund University Diabetes Center (LUDC).

Charlotte defended her dissertation in endocrinology at the University of Gothenburg in 2002 and after a job as a postdoctoral fellow at Lund University, where she studied genetics of type 2 diabetes, she devotes her research to studies of epigenetic mechanisms that cause type 2 diabetes and metabolic disease.

Her research team has been a pioneer in epigenetics in type 2 diabetes. They have made several groundbreaking discoveries such as identifying epigenetic changes in the insulin-producing islets of the pancreas, skeletal muscle, adipose tissue and liver of patients with type 2 diabetes compared to non-diabetic controls.

Dr. Ling's research group has also shown that genetic and non-genetic factors such as SNP, exercise, diet, obesity and age alter epigenetic patterns in human tissues with significance for type 2 diabetes.

Further information about Charlotte's research can be found at Lund University's Research Portal.